At Project Home Improvement we offer full service when it comes to door and window
replacement. From working with you and the suppliers to choose the right product to replace
your existing interior and exterior doors, windows, and patio doors. We can also install new doors
and windows where alterations are required for new locations. After choosing your new product
we take the final measurements to assure the order is right and will fit when they arrive. We
deliver your new doors and windows onsite, remove the old doors and windows and install the
new ones. Waste removal and site clean up is always included. We can retro fit doors and
windows to finish with any exterior finish that you have with out extra work required. Also we
can completed the interior finishing carpentry to match your existing finishes or go with
something new to update the look. This includes new window and patio door liners made of
primed finger joint pine. New doors and windows improves a homes appearance and energy
rating. No more cold drafts in the winter or wasting the AC in the summer. Call today for your
free estimate.