There are 3 bathroom renovation types to talk about. We have the remodel, the renovated, and the new addition bathroom. What type will yours be? We can help you choose with an onsite visit to listen to your wants and needs and provide a plan and budget to achieve what your after.

The remodelled bathroom is where you replace some or all the existing fixtures or change the finishes to update the bathroom. The fixture locations stay in the same location that they were originally and you are just upgrading to brand new fixtures like new sinks, faucets, vanity, countertops, lighting, or a new tub/shower. It is the way to make an old existing bathroom new again. Lets face it who doesn’t wish there 1970’s bathroom is new again. A remodelled bathroom is a new bathroom without any alterations to the existing floor plan.

The renovated bathroom is also an existing bathroom but where the location of the fixtures or walls are relocated to create a new floor plan. This can be moving a wall to provide a larger space to say add a walk in shower or maybe a dual sink vanity. Lately home owners are choosing to replace the rarely used soaker tub with a new tile and glass custom spa like shower. Perhaps if the toilet was moved here and the tub over there the bathroom layout would be more functional.

When changing the the existing bathroom footprint alterations to walls, plumbing and electrical rough ins are usually required for this renovation type. This bathroom renovation type is where you can design your dream bathroom. We can help from the design thru the build to a finished product professionally done and to be enjoyed.

The last type is the new additional bathroom. This type requires designs with floor plans to apply for a building permit. You want a building permit because you are changing the legal description of the property. Say you have 2 bathrooms and want to add a 3rd bathroom for a new rental suite or a growing family you want it to be recognized when the time comes to sell. An additional bathroom is always an investment with a good return. We help our clients by acting as their agent on their behalf to work with the city to meet their requirements to acquire the building permit. After we acquire the permit work can begin and inspections are required at different phases of the project including the final inspection. What ever your needs are our team is your best source to renovate your existing bathroom or build a new additional bathroom.