How to Build a Frameless Glass Tiled Shower

Remove the existing tub or shower. Access the plumbing feed and drain lines and rough in for the new design you have. Remember the p trap for the drain because that stops the sewer fumes. Make all the framing alterations as per your design. This may require patching all your drain accesses and a curb with a minimum framed height of 4 inches from the floor. A bench or a recess is a useful addition to you shower design.

The selection of a shower valve is important. This controls the water volume and temperature. Also the shower valve feeds the variety of accessories, being it a slide bar, pan head, or jets. Get a brand name you know and a company that has been making faucets for decades.

Now you can prepare the shower for tile. You will need a rubber shower pan liner large enough to line the bottom and go up the sides 6 inches and over the curb. You are ready to sheet the stud frame with 1/2 inch cement board. Use fiber tape and thin-set to join all the seams. Pour a sand mix base at least 2 inches thick and slope towards the drain. You may need to skim it with thin-set to get it right.

You are now ready to tile. Select a floor tile and a wall tile. Small tiles for the floor slope and a larger tile for the walls. You can change it up a bit with a different back wall tile or a decorative strip of tile. A layout of where the tiles will go is crucial to get the right finished look. Tile the floor first then your first couple of rows on the walls. After the lower wall tiles harden you can stack up the rest to a determined height. Grout in the color of choice and seal with the right product.

The 10 ml glass used for frame-less glass system can be ordered after the tile work is finished and final measurements can be taken. You can finish the shower trims and install your slide bar. You can drill thru tile with a concrete drill bit and a hammer drill. To finish you new shower caulk with a translucent silicone in all the corners and around all the shower fixtures and wait 24 hrs before you enjoy your new shower that will last a life time.